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Premium Saffron vs Non-premium Saffron

Saffron is known as “The King of Spices” and is the most expensive herbs in the world. It provides a distinctive taste, and aroma to any dish. Whether you like savoury or sweet recipes this adds value and colour to your meal. A pinch of saffron threads is enough to add taste to your food or tea (100mg). So when a little is enough do not think about non premium saffron in the market. Buying a premium brand of Negin Saffron costs you approximately AU$0.80 (80 Cent) for 100mg (ie; 1g=AU$8.0). 

Why Some Shops Sell Saffron Cheaper?

You will find cheap Saffron in many stores or online. As mentioned above, If you’re going to the trouble of using this beautiful ingredient don’t go for the cheap, non-commercially lab-tested packed (some people bring saffron along with themselves and package it at their house, which is not safe and if found by Australian Government authorities, they will be charged for packaging food (with personal effects) at a non-approved places like home. You should buy a reputable brand with a commercially lab-tested package. It is safer to have Australian Department of Agriculture BioSecurity has Inspected the products through customs.

Non premium saffron may not be fresh (make sure it is tagged on the product when it is produced, when it is packed with an official production date. Some may not be good quality and not from the best part of stigma. Although saffron can last in kitchen for 2-4 years, it is undoubtably agreed by all experts that the fresher saffron, the better aroma and benefits compared to old harvest.
When it comes to health, nothing is more important than our health. Quality saffron has multiple uses worldwide from medicinal use (Read health benefits of saffron: )

How should I know which is quality saffron?

The Saffron threads should be long and thick at the end. It must be all red. No yellow or orange has a same quality. Do not buy powder saffron as you don’t know what is grounded! Make sure the saffron supplier or seller has refund policy, in case if products arrived in surprise! Threads must not lose their colour when adding to hot water. Colour of hot water should change without saffron threads lose its red colour no matter of time.

Bon Appetit 

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