Negin Saffron Australia is an Australian-based importer, distributor, and online retailer of well-known Iranian Khorasan Negin Saffron Agricultural Cooperative Company (Negin Saffron). Negin Saffron Khorasan has over 50 years history and experience in saffron. Since 2002, Negin Saffron officially started the production, processing, and packaging of saffron in Khorasan province of Iran. Negin Saffron Co. produces the highest quality of saffron, in multiple packages, to consumers all over the world. Our registered business name in Australia is Negin Saffron Australia, we are based in Perth, Western Australia. Negin Saffron Australia (ABN 12 935 395 763) is not a partner, subsidiary of the original Negin Saffron company in Iran but the only importer and distributor of their products in Australia. We are acting as an eCommerce business and distributor of their planted, processed and packaged saffron to anyone who wants to be happy and healthy by using this authentic Iranian (Persian) Saffron.

Please check Certificates and licences.

KHORASAN NEGIN SAFFRON COOPERATIVE CO. : Khorasan Negin Saffron Cooperative Co. has started its official activities since 2002 in the field of production, processing and packing saffron. The Company produces its saffron products quite directly and without any intermediate with the highest possible quality and in various packages to be distributed among consumers around the world. Preserving its brilliant background (Pour-Abbas Commercial Co. with over half a century of experience), the Company endeavors to exploit modern technologies in production, packing and processing products and to be one of the pioneer cooperative companies in Iran and the world to offer distinctive saffron products. We believe that we are unrivaled in terms of the quality because we have made a great effort and seriousness to produce desirable products to support consumers. Many parties speak about the quality, but we have proven the quality in our products, and are working hard and accurately to increase the level of quality in our products and services. Relying on the almighty God and the efficient managements of skilled staff and by means of laboratory facilities and equipment adapted to the latest technologies, the Company has succeeded to obtain the following standards and certificates:


  • The operation licence issued by the Ministry of Agriculture 
  • Certified National Standards of Iran
  • Health licence issued by the Food and Drug Administration 
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate
  • ISO22000:2018 Food Safety Management System 
  • Certificate of Consumer Protection Rights
  • HACCP Certificate
  • The best production unit in food and hygienic industries in Khorasan Razavi province and 
  • The best packing unit introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture in Khorasan